about nya 

"i felt my temperature rise as i stared into Goddess Nya's eyes. Her gaze seared me, painfully scorching my very core. It was at that moment, i fell in love."

A student of internationally renowned Dominatrix, Simone Justice, I pride Myself in being professional and classic, with an eccentric twist. I am the Afro-European Goddess that has ensnared many a man and woman. I am a naturally dominant and sadistic person. This, mixed with My military background, make it so easy for you to succumb to My pleasures--you're instinctively drawn to the leader in Me. Beyond the physical pain, I highly enjoy turning men and women into a blubbering mess of desperation. I will tease you and deny you of simple pleasures, which is just as painful as if I spanked you with My beautiful red and black whip. My presence alone commands attention and now you will do everything I please.


BIRTHDAY: 3 August

HEIGHT: 5'3.5" (5'9" in heels)

SHOE SIZE: 9.5/10 US



There is no greater honor than giving up control and taking your place beneath My feet.