serve me 

First and foremost, it is imperative that you know the difference between sub and slave, and understand which relationship you are seeking with Me. 

SlaveLook at history for the true meaning of slavery; W/we've all seen how serious it is. The only difference between historical slavery, and slavery to Femdommes is this: consent. As a slave, you surrender all your rights--you are to obey Me without question. A slave's sole purpose is to serve Me, expecting nothing in return. There is no place for requests or demands; this is a one-way street. I OWN you. As a result, it is up to Me to provide your safety.

**Do note that "slave" is not a position or title that is given lightly. Just because you ask, does NOT mean I will grant this request. This can be discussed further should you decide you are willing and able to fulfill this role.**

Sub: Those looking to be in a Dominant/submissive relationship are able to explore different (agreed upon) fetishes in the role as My submissive. During the introductory phase, W/we will discuss O/our interests and your limits. I will hear what you have to say, and depending on what is in it for Me, may grant your request to explore certain fetishes with you. 

**This is a position that is always open. Click 'In-Person Sessions' and follow the instructions exactly; W/we will move forward from there.**

Before you apply to serve Me, you must read and understand My protocol.

If these rules are too difficult for you to comprehend, don't fret--you have other options:



1.   you will address Me as Goddess, Queen, or Miss Nya. If you are married or dating, then you may refer to Me as Mistress Nya

2.   Honesty and Loyalty are important qualities to have if you wish to serve Me. If I have to elaborate this point, than you and I are not a match.

3.   Be Respectful. I am a GODDESS and shall be treated as such.

4.   Be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else. you agree that all images and videos you send are of you and only you. If you do not wish to have your images shared in any way, let that be known at first contact.

5.   I want things when I want them and how I want them. When given a task or assignment, it is to be completed in the desired time-frame. Delays make Me unhappy, and when I'm unhappy, punishments are severe. I do not wait for anyone

6.   Nothing dries Me up more than a needy individual. I respect that you have a life outside of play-time, respect Mine as well.

7.   Last but not least, L/let's have fun!

 pick your poison 

*Ass Worship*




*Cleavage Worship*

*Confessions & Advice*



*Dinner Dates*


*Financial Domination*

*Foot Worship*

*Heel/Boot Worship*




*Mind Control/ Hypnosis*


*Role Play*



*Small Penis Humiliation*

*Verbal Humiliation*

*Whipping/Caning/ Spanking*

My fetishes and kinks are always evolving. I may be open to trying something new.