meet me 

If you are genuinely interested in having a session with Me, I highly recommend you READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE before contacting Me.

Although your purpose is to serve Me, I do respect the fact that not all subs/slaves are the same, and every session may be different than the previous. I practice safe, sane, and consensual sessions, that are to be enjoyed by both parties. Please keep in mind that first impressions, not to mention hygiene, are very important to Me.

I am as dominant as you consent to. My fetishes are always evolving, and sessions should be a fun experience for both. Sessions and meet-ups are a time for U/us to bond, play, and be O/ourselves.


In order for U/us to each have a fun and positive experience, it is important for you to understand the following:

*    Sessions need to be confirmed at 8 PM EST the night prior.

*   you will arrive freshly showered, sober and on time.

*   I run the show. Once limits are agreed upon, I am in complete control.

*   NEVER ASK FOR SEXUAL SERVICES. This will result in immediate termination of the session without a refund.

Remember to be well-behaved and respectful, and thank Me for everything because you deserve nothing.

 think you can handle it? 

Email Me at with the following:

- Name

- Medical or Physical Limiations

- Type of Session (D/s, cash meet, shopping etc.)/ Fetishes/Kinks you'd Like to Explore & Experience Level

- How you Found Me

- Why you are Drawn to Me

- If W/we have not met before, please provide references from Pro-Dommes who will vouch for you

- Session Location Preference

Make sure to include "Meet Me" or "Real-Time Session" in the subject line so I know what this is regarding. Emails with missing information will be ignored.

If I believe that W/we may be compatible, I will email you with instructions on how to set up a phone interview. I use this interview to learn more about you'd like to achieve in session and to see if W/we are a match.

All interviews will be scheduled in advance and will take place on Nite Flirt.  All initial sessions are arranged in this way. Clients who are invited for more sessions will be provided with My phone number 

**I do offer in-person consultations in lieu of Niteflirt at the rate of $100 per hour.


Private Session

$50 deposit

$225 per hour

$420 per hour per couple

Cashpoint Meet

$50 deposit

$200 min. withdrawal

Dinner Date

$50 deposit

$175 in person

$300 per couple in person

Public Humiliation

$50 deposit

$200 for the experience

Real Time Shopping

$50 deposit

$200 min. spend

 not ready? 

Don't worry, you are allowed to take baby steps. See if you can handle Me in other ways.

 not ready? 

Don't worry, you are allowed to take baby steps. See if you can handle Me in other ways.