I am listed on the following directories:
Some of My Favorites
Lady Zombie (NYC) A Mistress of all trades, Lady Zombie is also a performer, artist, and host of awesome events, such as Kink n Draw at Lucky on Avenue B. She is a great friend of mine whom I respect dearly.
Domina Lyra Lethe (NYC) My amazing Domme Sister and fellow student of Simone Justice. We instantly connected and I adore Her. Domina Lyra offers a unique perspective and will captivate you with her rituals of torment, transformation, and divine ecstasy. 
Mistress Simone Justice (LA/NY/TX) An internationally renowned Dominatrix and educator with whom I had the privilege of studying. A lifestyle Domme and Sublime Lady of OWK, Mistress Simone is sure to entrance any person who steps in Her path.
Miss Foxx (UK/US) A dear friend and mentor, Miss Foxx is amazing at what She does. Whether it's with a whip, CBT, or separating you from cash, Miss Foxx will leave you wanting more.
Mistress Ariana Chevalier (NYC) Founder of Parthenon NYC (aka NYC Rubber Studio), Mistress Ariana is THE Domme for everything latex and rubber, known as NYC's Premiere Rubberist. With over 20 years of experience, She will leave you begging to be a player of Her sadistic games.
MixTrix (TN) Lifestyle FemDomme, mentor, and Queen of Humiliation, MixTrix will make you feel like the little sissy you are and add your manhood to Her ever-growing collection. Bow down before Her superior presence.